Post Microsoft Surface Presentation

OK so I wasn’t able to attend tonight’s Moncton UG meetup. I fully intended on going when I wrote about it in my last post, but I had the oldest excuse in the book – I had to go to Swiss Chalet for my grandmother’s birthday and then back to her apartment with my family for homemade squash cake with cream cheese icing.

Was it ever hard to give up my ticket this afternoon. The plan was to go to the meetup after supper but then I was told that we had late reservations. I assumed we’d be seated around 4:30 so that we could be eating at 5 – after all it was a supper for my grandmother… it would only make sense that we eat at her preferred supper time. I don’t know what to say, she must have had a snack.

Anyway, now I’m super jealous because Fred Yeomans‘ talk on MS Surface actually had something to touch. A real live demo. Normally the meetups are all looky-talky but no touchy. But check out this picture Chris Dail posted on Twitter from the meetup. I can’t say for sure but the surface seems more Surface version 1 than 2.0. This would only make sense though where the 2.0 tech is quite pricey and it was only really demoed a few months ago.

I hope everyone had as good a time at the meetup as I did celebrating my grandmother’s birthday 🙂

[That sounds really sarcastic… but it isn’t meant to. Honest.]


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